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Lidia Frederico


Unlocking the True Law of Attraction – Interactive Online Self-study Course

“What IS the TRUE Law of Attraction?

Many speak about the “Law of Attraction”, and many automatically think about the financial and material aspect, the things that we think we need to be happy.

The True Law of Attraction is much, much more than that!

It’s about removing the Old so the New can come in, and we are not talking about the material things at this point in time. By creating balance and harmony in all areas of your life, you will be the mirror effect of your material Life. It’s cleaning up from within, deep to your core.

How can you plant a new seed if the soil is contaminated or full of weeds

We need to clean up first, letting go of all old habits that no longer serve a purpose.

We have so many emotions that sometimes we are not even aware they existed in the first place.

Course Purpose and Objective

The purpose of this course is to facilitate total release of any existing behaviours or emotions that may be holding you back such as: lack of compassion, depression, anger, disconnection, loss, confusion, fears, negative emotions, self-sabotage, confusion, lack of integrity, envy, letting others control you or vice versa , judgements, lack of financial support and limiting beliefs, etc. This will enable you to further anchor yourself into the New Earth energies, as Embodied Light, Love, Truth and Transfiguration….and inner understanding of your Power to Manifest and attract what your heart desires via Thoughts, Affirmations and Visualisations.

Essentially, this is about embracing the Truth, Abundance and Oneness at all levels of your Being….and Living Who You Really Are, knowing that your Purpose is JOY, Freedom & Expansion.

With the right tools, awareness, and knowledge what is possible…..?

A leading-edge, revolutionary Program!

The Course is structured around 14 Modules. The material consists of a combination of audios, videos, meditations and live web conference calls or webinars. To progress with the course each participant must complete a minimum level or ‘homeplay’ exercises. This ensures you get the full benefit as all modules interact and reinforce with one another.

For more imformation visit the link:


How long do you want to wait to start your Life-Changing Journey?


ATTRACTING TRUE LOVE © -Monday 13th February 2012 @ 9pm GMT




An online event presented by Lidia Frederico – Spiritual Life Coach and author of soon to be published book `The True Law of Attraction’ – Monday 13th February 2012 @ 9pm GMT This event will be co-hosted by online radio presenter Lillian Ogbogoh of Waking Passions Radio Show on
Pure Words of Wisdom:
“It is once again that time of the year that many are focused on finding love.
I ask beloved one’s are you ready to find love? My answer to you is…not until you open your heart and you are ready to receive love. Many have closed their hearts due to past painful experiences, it is now the moment for you to make that choice in your life and let the beautiful rose in your heart blossom, God/Universe will provide the rest for you. Focus in receiving not in finding. True Love is unconditional pure magnificent energy, the essence where you came from and that lives in your heart every day, remember that always.” (Ascended Master Dr. Egas Moniz – Via Lidia Frederico)

Fed up of searching for your true love via online dating, in your local supermarket, night club or whilst walking your dog, all to no avail?

Well the buck stops here!

Lidia’s online event will enable you to cut through all the clutter, enabling you to see your way clear to what is missing within to enable you to have whoever is in your highest good in your life.

This online seminar will enable you to remove your old way of thinking regarding love to bring your new love into your life. This event is also ideal for couples wishing to strengthen their existing relationship.

Lidia will work by bringing about various visualisation techniques to enable you to pinpoint:-
a) Understanding where and why within your lifetime things went wrong for you
b) Enabling you to acknowledge and accept the emotions attached
c) Then enabling you to release all those emotions, bringing forth this aspect of your emotional self to completion, which in turn leads to
You `Attracting True Love’

For the exercises discussed to be fully effective you will need to have the following:-
Three pictures of you – one as a child, as a teenager and as the adult you are today.
The reasons why they are needed will be explained during the course of the event.
To participate in this event we are asking for a nominal fee of £5.00 made payable via paypal.

To reserve your place please click here:-

To make a donation to Global Light Foundation click here:-

Once you have booked your space, you will be sent a link to the live event.

All monies received will be donated to the non profit organisation Global Light Foundation.


Subliminals – Finances

Are you always looking at your bills and wishing you had more money?

Do you want to be a leader?

Would you like to be financially free?

Are you constantly broke?

Would you like to attract more wealth in your life?

Do you wonder why some people are taken more seriously than others?

This sub was designed to develop your unconscious mind to help you with the most important leadership qualities, confidence, respect and financial aptitude.

This subliminal programme will help you increase your self-confidence, develop mental strength and self-belief, help you respect wealth and attract abundance.

To lead in difficult situations to calm and keep your emotions to yourself, develop the ability to create visions, achieve goals and inspire others in business.



11/11/11 Powerful Divine Multi-Dimensional Renewal & Spiritual Awakening

11/11/11 Powerful Divine Multi-Dimensional Renewal & spiritual awakening

Dear All,

This is event of a life time!
The day you have been waiting for….The energy of this day brings a window of opportunity to accept the New Light downloads of Truth Expressed through Creativity and Joy. You will be guided through a process of prayer, meditation and Holy ceremony of joining the two worlds of old and new, the above and the below, Heaven and Earth, in order to bring Peace to all of Humanity.

This quantum leap is happening in many levels and dimensions, and these are changes in our energy fields, our relationships, our bodies, and even our climate. We are beginning this process and many of us will follow these changes and evolve. We are activating our Light Body and your DNA, both to align with the Original Divine Blueprint.
We have reached the Time Portal that is called 11/11/11, on the 11th of November 2011. It represents a “Cosmic Moment” of Global Awakening and Unity, and the Moment when the “Light Codes” or “Cosmic Codes” of Renewal are received into the crystalline grids of the Earth.

Aside from climate changes due to our negligence towards mother Earth, there have been changes in the whole solar system including our energies and bodies in preparation for Ascension.

Please join us, click the link below:
(Link will come soon)

EVENT:  11/11/11 Powerful point of alignment & awakening
DATE & TIME: Friday, November 11th at 11:11am & 11:11pm GMT/UTC
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)
(setup to GMT time 10:50am UK)

This event is hosted via TalkShoe radio by Lilian Ogbogoh who is a transformational storyteller using stories to create change, in who we think we are and working on whose story are we telling ourselves as we go through each stage of our lives.

Lillian also helps to share the stories of others on her weekly online chat show called Waking Passions on Talk Shoe and Blogtalk. On the unique changes of her guests on their road to their new stories…

Sending Much love and Light to all,
Lidia Frederico


Healing Oneself (online event)

Healing Oneself

Thursday, 27th October, 2011

9pm – BST

Lidia Frederico, acclaimed Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Therapist, healer and channeller of Ascended Masters is proud to present the online event ” Healing Oneself”

This event is being broadcast via Talk Shoe radio (presenter Lilian Ogbogoh), who is a transformational storyteller using stories to create change, in who we think we are and working on whose story are we telling ourselves as we go through each stage of our lives.

Lillian also helps to share the stories of others on her weekly online chat show called Waking Passions on Talk Shoe and Blogtalk. On the unique changes of her guests on their road to their new stories…

This event is for all those who are seeking relief from emotional and physical pain in their lives. Whatever symptoms you are currently experiencing, rest assured you will at least glean relief and more importantly you will start understanding the root cause of your issues.

During the course of the event, Lidia will guide you through a meditation, her guides will come forward and enable healing and there will be time for a question and answer session.

Emotional and physical challenges are more often than not self induced blocks, which we have developed during our lifetime. Relief is at hand, however it is for you to learn and understand it. With the help of her guides Lidia will be able to help you identify your challenges, thus enabling you to move forward in your life, with less pain, more clarity and direction.
This event can cater for a maximum of 200 people. Now is the time to renew yourself, this is the perfect time before the New Year starts, come take the steps towards a new you with Lidia Frederico.

Minimum donation to participate £5 please click here:

All donations received are for the Global Light Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation, whose purpose is to enable those who are in emotional distress and need assistance. Founded in London in 2009 by Lidia Frederico and a team of amazing supporters, the Global Light Project is currently working towards opening a centre for teaching and healing in London to assist those in need. We aim to give everybody access to a range of professionals and services including conventional and alternative health practices such as acupuncture, dental care, hypnotherapy, yoga to business, financial and relationship advice, stress reduction, feng shui and energetic personal, home and business clearing.

We plan to open many more centres and projects worldwide and are currently setting up a directory of tried and trusted service providers and professionals in a range of different fields.
The Global Light Project is currently funded by donations and fundraising events.


Daily Affirmation:

“I embrace all my experiences with wisdom, love and ease in my heart.”
By Lidia Frederico


To My Higher Self

To My Higher Self

I bless my Higher Self and ask that the way be made clear forthe Divine Plan of my life now to come to pass.

For me to fill the place that only I can fill and no-one else can fill.

For me to do the work and the things that only I can do.

I ask that all doors now be made open and all channels free for endless avalanches of abundance to be poured upon me from unexpected sources.

I ask that all the above come to pass immediately, Under Grace and in a perfect way.

Thanks be to God/Universe.
Lidia Frederico


Daily affirmation:

Daily affirmation: Daily challenges no longer make me upset. I’ve the power in me to solve all problems with ease as I’m in harmony!