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Monthly Archives: February 2012

ATTRACTING TRUE LOVE © -Monday 13th February 2012 @ 9pm GMT




An online event presented by Lidia Frederico – Spiritual Life Coach and author of soon to be published book `The True Law of Attraction’ – Monday 13th February 2012 @ 9pm GMT This event will be co-hosted by online radio presenter Lillian Ogbogoh of Waking Passions Radio Show on
Pure Words of Wisdom:
“It is once again that time of the year that many are focused on finding love.
I ask beloved one’s are you ready to find love? My answer to you is…not until you open your heart and you are ready to receive love. Many have closed their hearts due to past painful experiences, it is now the moment for you to make that choice in your life and let the beautiful rose in your heart blossom, God/Universe will provide the rest for you. Focus in receiving not in finding. True Love is unconditional pure magnificent energy, the essence where you came from and that lives in your heart every day, remember that always.” (Ascended Master Dr. Egas Moniz – Via Lidia Frederico)

Fed up of searching for your true love via online dating, in your local supermarket, night club or whilst walking your dog, all to no avail?

Well the buck stops here!

Lidia’s online event will enable you to cut through all the clutter, enabling you to see your way clear to what is missing within to enable you to have whoever is in your highest good in your life.

This online seminar will enable you to remove your old way of thinking regarding love to bring your new love into your life. This event is also ideal for couples wishing to strengthen their existing relationship.

Lidia will work by bringing about various visualisation techniques to enable you to pinpoint:-
a) Understanding where and why within your lifetime things went wrong for you
b) Enabling you to acknowledge and accept the emotions attached
c) Then enabling you to release all those emotions, bringing forth this aspect of your emotional self to completion, which in turn leads to
You `Attracting True Love’

For the exercises discussed to be fully effective you will need to have the following:-
Three pictures of you – one as a child, as a teenager and as the adult you are today.
The reasons why they are needed will be explained during the course of the event.
To participate in this event we are asking for a nominal fee of £5.00 made payable via paypal.

To reserve your place please click here:-

To make a donation to Global Light Foundation click here:-

Once you have booked your space, you will be sent a link to the live event.

All monies received will be donated to the non profit organisation Global Light Foundation.